San Jacinto High Rollers have Chapters In and around the Houston, TX. area.

To the right of the page you will find listed many of our current chapters. Take a look, I'm sure we have a chapter in your area. Three things you should know are.

1. We are a family oriented motorcycle club.

2. We are an AMA MC in fact in 2014 we won AMA MC of the year!

3. We raise money for Charity.






Harris County Chapter

Katy Chapter

Livingston Chapter

Lost Chapter

Montgomery County Chapter

NW Houston Chapter

Pasadena Chapter

Southeast Texas Chapter

Southwest County Chapter

Tri-County Chapter

Waller county Chapter


High Roller Chapters


San Jacinto High Rollers

Hardin Chapter


Many times we have been ask, " How does one become a member of the San Jacinto High Rollers?" Well, the answer is really pretty simple. pick a chapter that you think is close to you. Once you have decided on a chapter, send me an email  and I will get you headed in the right direction!

High Roller Membership Info

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